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Fort Cooper Baptist was founded by the Stokes family in 1952, Fort Cooper Baptist Church was built in one day on the corner of Old Floral City Road and Fort Cooper Road and held services the next day, despite the lack of windows. It was constructed from lumber made from trees on the Stokes' property. Before 1952, four families and their preacher called themselves Fort Cooper Baptist Church and met in the Stokes family home. Clarence and Lillie Stokes founded it when they got tired of driving their large family to Oxford every Sunday.

In the beginning, Sunday School met outside, under oak trees or in cars and the church pianist was Dolores Venero, the Stokes' daughter, who took the position at 8 years old, and wouldn't give it up, even when she got married and moved away. Fort Cooper Baptist eventually acquired a Family Life Center, which they re-modeled in 1998, and in April of 1999 a new church building was built, complete with steeple and cathedral ceilings.  In 2005, Fort Cooper Baptist Church constructed a new educational building to hold new Sunday School classrooms and the ever growing Inverness Christian Academy. 

Fort Cooper Baptist Church has been a pillar and ground of the truth in the Citrus County area for over sixty years. Our church has a history full of God's blessings.  Included in this history is thousands of lost souls won to Christ, hundreds of families built and strengthened for the glory of God, and scores of people serving God with their lives.  "To God be the Glory "